Cubase 6 arpeggios, preset beats.... copyright?

Cubase 6 comes with some arpeggio patches as well as some preset drum beats and patterns and was just wondering to what extent they are copyright protected.

My question is since these patches/patterns were obviously created by someone, how or what can they be used for when recording music for commercial applications?

I am new to electronic music and am curious as to what level I can use the presets my products come with. I have recently purchaseda Yamaha MO6, a Roland GR-55 guitar synth, and Cubase 6, all of which have built in arpeggios and preset patterns and beats.

For Cubase I am especially curious about the packaged VST instruments that use arpeggios, preset drum patterns, and samples like the ones used in loop mash and HALion sonic.

Can someone please explain it to me in plain English? When I read copyright info in product manuals it for some reason seems vague to me. Just want to make sure I have a better understanding of the copyright side of these presets before I go using them in a song and break some kind of copyright law.

You can use everything they supply you with, you can also make money off it. :slight_smile:
Is that plain enough?

Read the ‘copyright’ information supplied with some sample libraries and sampler type instruments - it’s hilarious. The reason it seems vague is because the company wants some legal wriggle-room in the event there’s a chance to make some dosh out of someone’s hit record.

Don’t worry, if it comes with the sampler or sample library you BOUGHT, go ahead and use it any way you want.

[Legal notice: the above advice is free and its value is commensurate with the price]

There are some very well known songs in there as well.
It’s a long time since I popped my head in there so I’ve forgot which ones.
One thing is certain , at least some of the songs will generate lawyers out of thin air if you “just use the as they are”.
At least if you base one or more of your future hit songs on these “free patterns”.

[Legal notice: the above advice is free and its value is commensurate with the price

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I’ve stolen this.
I go with the “you paid for it’s…” and they didn’t explicitly state an interest at point of purchase.

I’m totally paranoid about all sorts of stuff like this, so I usually mangle all my loops and samples until they no longer can be recognized. That also generates new ideas and inspiration.

I thought they called it Rap

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