Cubase 6 / Artist 6 / Elements 6: 6.0.4 pre-rel UD available

Cubase 6.0.4 crashes on exit every time here, even when NOT run as Administrator.

Sonik you have a valid point. Jim you should hold off calling the lawyers until the next update with new features at which point there will be still no Drag and Drop hehe

… it only happens here when NOT run as Administrator, as I said, “when running Cubase as a non-administrator”.

How to roll off to 6.03 on Mac?

Do you mean roll back to a previous state of you system e.g. from 6.0.4 to 6.0.3?

If you back up to Time Machine, read this:

If you back up via Carbon Copy Cloner, then go to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. Use the Restore tab.

After updating to 6.0.3 Cubase crashes (freeze) after selecting audio and pushing Strg C (repeatable). Another issue is that i cannot shut down the cubase process in the task manager after freezing.
I use Cubase 32 on windows 7 64.

Update: Issue seems to be solved with 6.0.4 Update!

I am having troubles loading old projects with IK Multimedia products.
T-Racks 3, T-Racks 3 singles, CSR and Amplitube have white or non-responsive GUI.
Workaround: I have to “Save All Mixer Settings” and re-“Load All Mixer Settins” then everything works fine.
I had no problems with these projects in Cubase 6.0.3

Win7 Home Basic 32-bit, Quad i7 870 @ 2.93Ghz, 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD5450 graphics card

Just for your information.
I have opened a few recent (6.0.2) and older (5.5.x) projects with T-Racks (64bit) and Amplitube’s (32bit) (all the latest versions) in it and I don’t have any trouble with the GUI. So far, the IK stuff acts normal here under 6.0.4.

Sounds promising, will have a go at that asap :slight_smile:

Very surprised that the short-sighted automation design failures weren’t addressed in this ‘hotfix’ . . I’ll wait for the next ‘update’ and if it’s not looking better by then it might be time to move to Protools unfortunately :[

I honestly think Cubase is the most forward-looking DAW out there but I’ve got to the point in my career where I can’t afford to be making excuses for it to other people all the time. Trying to edit automation in 6.0.3 is such an embarrassment that I have to do it in private lest a client laugh at me and ask me again to justify why I prefer Cubase over Protools . . . even attempting to report a bug to Steinburger is like being an unpaid employee for them . . I don’t even bother anymore because of negative past experiences . .

My main fear is that Steinberg are pandering too much to the hobbiest market and ignoring recording professionals, which unfortunately might be a lot more profitable for them and their parent company. I guess it’s easier to rave on about mediabay or loopmash than it is to make sure the basic and important DAW functions execute consistently and professionally on a day-to-day basis! No-one likes paying for the ‘privilege’ of being an unpaid beta tester . . especially when said software is relied upon to deliver consistent professional product to clients. When that happens the link of trust is broken, Cubase suddenly doesn’t fit in to a ‘professional’s’ workflow and people start looking elsewhere . . . if professionals are afraid to update to the latest version then it’s obviously indicative of a larger problem . . .

Fingers crossed for Cubase’ future . . . hopefully v6.0.3 won’t be my last dance. When you work well Cubase, you’re amazing. When you f%&k it up, you become the most frustrating DAW on the market. Let’s hope Cubase can cement it’s potential and not just be the program for hobbists, students and software pirates . . .you’re better than that Cubase . . please live up to your vast world-beating potential.

Peace and respect and tempered love . .


Today everything is working correctly with no tricks, and no setting was changed in the computer or software (I just worked on other projects).
When I load the projects, IK GUIs are frozen for about 3 seconds, then…all ok.
Yesterday I also tried to restart the system, but without success.


P.S. With all my respect and gratitude for Cubase programmers: please create a preference for automation points in the next update. Thanks

I’ve seen that behaviour before. The issue then was that Cubase 64bit was launched in compatibility mode in Windows 7. When we disabled compatibility mode, all was good.
Don’t know if that’s the case for you, but maybe it is good to check if the compatibility mode in the properties of the launch icon is disabled.

At the moment, I’m in 32 bit Cubase and the compatibility mode in the properties of the launch icon is disabled (32 and 64).
However, good to know.

Hi Guys

Our college have experienced several problems with the 6.0.3 patch and are hoping this 6.0.4 patch will fix them - I’ve tried to download and install the 6.0.4 patch and it looks like it does not want to install! Ran the .exe as an administrator and get the little ‘loading bar’ with a little flash and then nothing else happens. This happens every time I try to run the installer. I’m not sure if it’s me being dumb and the hotfix has been applied, but my version still says 6.0.3.

Any help would be appreciated.

Our Specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
Cubase 6 64-bit

Maybe…read this:

installed cubase 6.04…
what´s that steinberg… ?

  1. i tried to simply move a folder with some tracks (drum tracks) on the timeline… the complete screen turns white. yes… the whole imac27 inch screen turns white…

  2. then i tried to delete some tracks within a big project… complete crash…

steinberg… come on…

imac 10.6.8 here…
so you introduced some new bugs…


Latest update on this saga: all but one of my plugins are now 64-bit, so I’ve found that if I remove that one last 32-bit plugin (which I think is built using the Delphi VST-SDK) and “thrash prefs”, Cubase remains clean and no longer crashes. Whatever changed between 6.03 and 6.04 seems to have affected the VSTBridge.

This may be a work-around and it may fix the problem, and it may even prove that Cubase is not the culprit, and even if I accept that I need to wait for the 64-bit version of the plugin from the 3rd-party vendor, Steinberg have to realise that having to “thrash prefs”, i.e. delete the entire configuration and start fresh, is extremely time-consuming. I suggest adding a function to help save and selectively restore sections of the configuration, for example I/O, seeing that having to thrash prefs is something that can occur apparently at random and with no alternative.

I have had similar symptoms here (in fact, it was when switching to the pencil tool).
I am not 100% certain, but I had two instances of AutoTune Evo running (in fact, it was a very “plugin-heavy” Project… I have learned to be wary of plugins when the Cubase GUI starts behaving bizarrely, so I started eliminating plugins, one by one). This White Screen problem disappeared when I removed both instances of AutoTune Evo (see my system specs in my signature).

Witch Evo version do you have, the 6 or the 7?