Cubase 6 Artist Extended Mixer Question

Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick question! I downloaded the trial of Cubase 6 the other day (which I am loving!) and have enjoyed playing around with all of the effects and new features.

When my trial ends, I’m going to be upgrading my old Cubase to Cubase 6 Artist and, but have a question about the mixer.

In Cubase Artist 6, can you extend the mixer like in the Cubase 6 demo, and if so, do you have the ‘gain’ dial to adjust the input gain…and the ability to cycle through what you have going on on each track on the left? I can’t seem to find any info (or screenshots) on this in the comparison chart.

My Cubase Essential 4 doesnt have the extended mixer function, or the input gain etc so it would be great if Cubase Artist 6 has the same extended mixer as the full Cubase 6.

…I hope that made sense!! :blush:

Cheers and thanks


A little bit of research goes a long way…

Hello there,

Thank you for the link…I poured over that chart over the weekend many times, but as I said in my post, I still couldn’t figure out if Cubase Artist 6 had the features I mentioned above with the extended mixer and in particular, the iput gain control and ability to see what you had going on (effects etc) at a glance…

I wondered if someone who had Cubase Artist 6 could help me out at all :slight_smile:


The extended mixer is certainly there, I’d have to check for the input gain as I’ve never used it.

That would be brilliant - I’d be really grateful if someone could check for me! Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve only got basic features on my Cubase version, so the extra features would make like easier!

Right, it took a bit of searching because it was hidden by default and to reach it I had to extend the mixer twice, but I can confirm the input gain knob is available on the Cubase artist 6 mixer :slight_smile:

:smiley: That’s great!!! Thanks so much for checking that out for me- I really appreciate it!
Right - time to upgrade to Cubase Artist 6 and 64bit!

…PS…I checked out your music in your sig - love your work :slight_smile:

Hi. where did you find the extended mixer on cubase 6 artist? :wink: