Cubase 6 artist - how to save a loop ?

Hi everybody,

I might be strange but I can’t save a loop on Cubase 6 artist.
I want to save a loop: drums, guitar, anything…where is the option? I guess there’s one, right?
I want to save a loop to copy and paste it in several projects. is this possible? if yes, please help!
thank in advance,

Export it.

Thanks but should I just create one loop per project? or how can I just select the loop and export it?
Under which format should I export it because I already tried with no success? Would you have eventually screenshots?

sorry,I’m just beginner and can’t manage this basic thing.

thanks a lot again!

Solo the channel or channels your loop is on, select the part or parts, press P to put the cursor around your loop then Export the loop as a 32bit fp wave file at your current samplerate to a folder of your choice.

Thanks Split! :slight_smile:
I then found my loop in Media > “Mediabay”