Cubase 6 Artist Purchase


i have checked in Steinberg’s shop for Cubase direct downloads,
and there’s no upgrade link from Cubase 6 Elements to Cubase 6 Artist,
will there be some day in the future or not ?

I can see all other upgrades , for example, from Artist to full version 6, but not from Elements to Artist.


I can see the upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 to Cubase Artist 6 priced at £126 UK pounds

It’s not a download though, probably because you need the elicence dongle rather than the soft elicencer?

Hmm, don’t know, i can’t see anything, i mean , like you said, just from distributors.
I have usb-dongle.
Well, it’s not a problem to purchase from other stores, but there’s normally 30eur extra payment for package, which is huge.


The upgrade from Elements 6 --> Artist 6 is a boxed version only.



yea, i thought so :wink:

thanks for your reply,