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Not sure if it was asked before on this forum but i really want to how to make side chain compression ducking style with cubase artist 6. I already know the method with the quadro group channel but it’s not possible with cubase artist.
I know that a side chain switch is implemented in vst3 plugins but i didn’t know how to setup 2 tracks together with it.

thank you and have a good day!

  1. Add the built-in Steinberg “Compressor” plugin as an insert to the channel you want to have ducking.

  2. Open the compressor window and turn on the side-chain input (somewhere in the top right I think…)

  3. On the track you want to use as the trigger (kick drum?) create a new send effect and send it to the new compressor plugin, it should be labeled in an obvious way.

  4. Set the send level to unity/0db and choose to make it a “pre-fader” send using the small button on the send block. Pre-fader will keep the side chain configuration locked in regardless of the level of the trigger channel’s fader.

  5. Hit play and adjust the compressor so that you get the desired effect. Use a high comp ratio and fast attack, then use the threshold and release values to control the amount/shape of the ducking.

Hey , thank you very much for this procedure! I found another way too but your’s is better!

Thanks and have a good day!