Cubase 6 audio problem

I have had a similar problem before so may be repeating myself a little.

I use Cubase 6.

I created a midi backing track for my junior school choir. I converted it to an audio track which I transferred to my laptop to take to record the choir. All went well - so far!

Back at home I reloaded the file on to my desk top PC and saved the project as a Cubase project file after some editing.

The final file was an audio backing track and 2 audio tracks with the children singing.

BUT… when I try to reopen the file at a later date I get the message “resolve missing files”.

If I try to open the file from the desktop folder I can search and find the backing track only. The singing is a blank track!

If I try to open from the folder where it was stored I get two blank tracks and one stating “Image construction error”.

I am wondering why when I saved as a project file why I can’t simply re-open the file.

If, however I saved incorrectly, is there a way I can get the original file back?

I wonder if anyone can help.


The .cpr file is just part of what you need!

You should copy the entire Project folder over as this contains all the related subfolders including the most important subfolder that contains the audio files.

I am going to sound really ignorant now but I’m not sure what you mean.

Do you mean when I transferred the files back from my laptop to desktop? Or am I just trying to open them incorrectly?

Unfortunately I’m more of a music man than a very knowledgable Cubase user so anything beyond the straightforward causes me problems.


Hard to say, but as cubase is missing the audio files, I would assume you didn’t copy them over with the .cpr file.

Have a look at a project file structure, you will find that to top folder is the project folder and within that is contained all the other files and folders you need for Cubase to see. One of those is an audio folder that contains… yup you guessed it, the audio files :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry I haven’t replied yet as I haven’t had a chance to try it yet as I have been so busy with end of term concerts.

As soon as I do I’ll let you know how I get on.