Cubase 6 - behavior of Audio-Part-Editor bug or feature?


I recently upgraded from cubase 4 -> cubase 6 (6.0.3) and I am annoyed about the strange behavior of the Audio-Part-Editor. :imp:

  1. If I habe multiple takes in the Audio-Part-Editor (contert Events ->Parts) and select a take, it automatically gets unmuted and the previous part is temporary cut to the length of the selected part and muted.

  2. If I use the mute pointer to mute / unmute a take, well - I did not yet get what is happening than…

What’s all that in aid of?

For short, I want the behavior of the cubase 4 Audio-Part-Editor back (no temporary cutting, no automatical unmute, behavior of mute button)

Is there a way to deactivate these features - or, come on - this must be a bug.


That’s the way it is from now on. :open_mouth:

lol, what a mess - that really sucks!

… this must have come from ppl that have never had seriously used the audio part editor - really a step backwards!


… will this be fixed in the next update?


Yeah! That is why even if I bought Cubase6 I still go on working on 5, and I absolutely wasted my money on 6.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to recreate some fundamental tecniques based on the old behavior.
That way (the old way) was very “acrobatic”, specially with “bad” singers (but with good money, I do it as professional producer). Everything is simpler for dummies now. You touch it, you active it. But became VERY BAD to use it in a professional way. If you work on 20-30 or mostly more parts together you get mad. What is this for? Looks like a Sounblaster app for the Iphone… I never wanted to leave Cubase till now. If Steinberg will not give me the possibility to switch between old and new mode at least (I mean: if I touch the part, the part DOES NOT turn into ON and I need to MUTE it to hear the upper (not muted) track), I hopefully will die old, but still using cubase 5 (and I’m still quite young) or with another platform, who knows…

I just wanted to chime in on this issue. I upgraded to Cubase 6 to try the new drum editing features. I found them worthless for anything other than 2 and 4 backbeat kind of stuff. If you want detailed editing of more intricate drums you are better of getting your drummer to track midi and use Superior Drummer. Also the sound of the Toontrack SDX kits is far better than anything someone with a small budget can achieve. Until I can afford to hire Steve Gadd (or equivalent) I am through with recording full drum kits. I say this with regrets, because I know that live drums are essential to musical culture. I have a headache from the rate of change .

Oh yeah, the Part Editor. Such a shame that Steinberg had to dumb it down that way. As a result I am continuing to work in Cubase 5 on my current projects. For the next round I may move on to something completely different, though I probably wouldn’t bother to if I could use Cubase 6 with the old Part Editor behavior.

was really looking forward to Cubase 6 for it’s new multitrack editing feature … looking forward to a much quicker way of editing … BUT NO!! I always edit down takes in the Audio Part Editor, (when editing large numbers of takes, it really helps to keep you session tidy), but now my mute tool is all screwed up. This is driving me insane! I have used Cubase since the Atari years but now I might have to change. Steinberg: PLEASE give people the option to edit in the Audio Part Editor with a functional mute tool!!

Cubase 5 is golden, there is no excuse to move away from good designs. Give us the option!