Cubase 6 Blue Screen !!

Hi Everyone,

Since upgrading to Cubase 6 (64 bit) I’ve experienced several Blue Screens over the past couple of days. The dump file identifies the StDriver64.SYS as the culprit.

I’m running Win 7 64 bit Ultimate and have not had any issues with Cubase 5 (64 bit), which I’ve returned to using again since the above problems.

Has anyone here experienced the same or has any idea as to what the problem is and how to resolve it

Thanks in advance


Are you using third party plugins? If yes, rename the plugin folder and see if Cubase works fine without them. Put them back one by one to see which causes problems.

I’ve been getting white screen, but only on a couple of my projects. After an indeterminate amount of time working, I’ll drag the cursor onto the main display, say to adjust an automation point, and…white. Does not go away. Have to restart. This has never happened previous to 6.0.5 update. So, no offense, but please stop over-using the “3rd party plug-in” excuse. I’m getting so weary from hearing that. And, if Cubase can’t handle 3rd party plug-ins, they need to get to work on that.

This white (blue) screen issue is a big bummer. It’s almost an emergency. Address, address, address.

Hopefully, it can identified/resolved easily. I have no idea where to start looking. (NO! Not 3rd party plugins :smiling_imp: )

OnCourse, are you using a firewire interface?

@split no I’m not using a firewire interface

Oh well, bang goes that theory…

Blue screen errors are hardware or driver related, never software.
Not a cubase problem.


Split - What the hey is the firewire theory? I will be switching to Win7 soon and have not heard anything about firewire causing BSD or WSD. :astonished:

i’m using firewire interface mr816x. also, as of today i’m crashing like crazy on an organized project that has most plugins “frozen” except 3 and those are 1st party (modmachine and two amp sims)


This BSOD is releated with your “onboard” sound driver (yes Firewire is also a part of it). Please install the latest Chipset drivers and perhaps have also a look if there is an update for your Firewire connection.



Chris said it :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hippo, with all due respect that really sounds like the kind of flippant reply one expects from front-line support. They are trained to assume if the user has any other software installed then that must be causing the problem.

As for Blue Screen errors never being software related, that is not correct. Drivers, in fact, are software. They are not standalone applications and a hardware call (from a software application) will be indirectly and sometimes directly interacting with such drivers. Analysing the Windows dump file for my Blue Screen indicates that ‘something’ has attempted to access a protected area and has done so without handling the exception… hence the blue screen.

The reason for raising the question here is because I’ve been using Cubase 5 for a minimum of 12 hours per day, mostly 7 days a week, for the past 6 months… WITHOUT a BLIP !!! The same day that I install the Cubase 6 upgrade I get 2 or 3 blue screen crashes. Same thing occurred the following day. However, since returning to use Cubase 5 (thank goodness the upgrade leaves that intact) I have had no such problems.

Go figure!

@Chris - Is this directed to MMoorman (I’m not using Firewire) or are you suggesting I try that also? If so could you please explain why this is an issue with Cubase 6 and not 5?


that reply is for everybody. Perhaps you have also a search on with the error message for additional information.



I have and it doesn’t mention sound card drivers at all… only the stdriver64 driver which it says is used by recording software.

This was easy enough to find and it is a bit of a hoop but it looks like you will get an answer from MS. To me, it looks like that driver is a Realtek driver, something you shouldn’t be running on your system while running a a pro interface. Go to your bios and disable your internal audio card. I had to do this in XP actually, and yes, my MB audio card is Realtek. My interface is firewire, BTW, and it is even required that I install a non MB firewire port to make things happen.

Just speculation, but if all you did was upgrade to C6 I don’t see this creating a problem. That said, it does seem like your BSD problem may be a conflict with your internal soundcard and external sound interface… And you didn’t say what that is, did you? Well, trying to help.

I agree, are your interface drivers up to date? Display drivers? Onboard sound disabled?

Hi All,

Thought I would update my situation in case it may help someone else.

I installed the latest sound card drivers… but no joy, still getting BSOD

Next I disabled my onboard HD sound device… still getting BSOD

Finally I tracked down the culprit driver (stdriver64) was installed by a program called SoundTap, which I installed many months ago and completely forgot about it. I uninstalled it and since then (some 6 hours ago) I’ve been hammering Cubase with no problems. So, with everything crossed, I’m hoping I have a stable system once again.

Why I didn’t have the same issues with Cubase 5 will, I guess, remain a mystery.

Thanks to all who took the time to post their thoughts.

“SoundTap is streaming audio capture software which will convert any audio playing through your computer to mp3 or wav files. Streaming audio is recorded by a special kernel driver to preserve digital audio quality”

Special kernel driver… Hmm

I had the same problem and (with some frustration) tracked this down to Soundtap.

Soundtap is published by NCH software (
It is a streaming audio recorder which (if my memory serves me right) could be used to, for example, capture audio out of a streaming youtube video so that you can save it as a .wav or whatever. Clearly this kind of program requires some deep under-the-hood black magic, which (I guess) is why the driver attaches to each and every sound device on your system.

It has nothing to do with Realtek - Realtek only features in this discussion because some google search results stdriver64.sys point to forums where Realtek was incorrectly blamed. The reality is that you’ll see stdriver64.sys listed under any and all audio devices in your device manager, if you have Soundtap installed.

As for other users above, I also only experienced the BSOD only when I upgraded to Cubase 6. Anyway, Soundtap is now uninstalled and all seems perfectly fine. Happy times are here again.