Cubase 6 'broke' Nexus vsti

yesterday I got cubase 6. configured everything, jbridged plugins etc.

today opened cubase 4 project and i get an error ‘missing nexus vst’.
checked plugins list, it is on a list, even shows how many instances are used.

went to cubase 5, loaded the project, didn’t get an error nor ‘the plug in is missing’ error, but where nexus was used that slot is just blank.

i opened blank cubase 5 project, loaded nexus as instrument track. no error, but the instrument slot is blank. and no sound too.

reinstalled nexus. now it atleast works in cubase 5, but not in Cubase 64bit or 32bit!

any suggestions?

Hi- Perhaps try rescanning your plugs in the VST Plug-in Information? Working fine in OSX, 32bit and C6.0.5.

At least someone replied, thanks btrox!!
Actually i just got it to work, by deleting vstblacklist.xml files etc and rescannig the plugins.
These forum seems dead. not so much help. where is eveyone? I miss the old forum which is just an archive now…

Nexus 2.3.2 works fine on my both systems…

very nice