cubase 6 can't install after unsuccesfull uninstall

I’ve using Cubase 6.0.2 for a while with no problems. I came to open up my latest piece of work. It loaded then promptly shut down after the usual changing of latency value’s I tried to open it again and it still shut down.
So I tried to open some other cubase 6 songs without success it did however open some previous cubase 4 songs.
I thought the program may have got corrupted so i tried an uninstall which was only partially successfull now i can’t install or uninstall it I’ve also got rid of the cubase 6 folder I’m a little out of my depth at the moment. HELP !

How about providing some info on at least OS. Might be useful… :unamused:

sorry pal operating system is windows xp i beleive it was service pack 1 at the time. My music computer hasn’t been on the internet since it was built. It was a problem installing cubase 6 as the windows system didn’t have the newer drivers for installation i downloaded each of these seperately oto a memory stick which was time consuming but worked. I’ve since upgraded the op system to sp3 thinking this might be a problem. When installing/uninstalling it says get in touch with the software provider to verify that it is a valid windows installer package