Cubase 6 channel EQ

One question: Is the channel EQ algorithm in Cubase 6 still the same as in 5? I hope so because its in my opinion the best native EQ sollution out there (compare it with shitty sony oxford an you will rediscover it!).

And please Steinberg: Why isn´t it possible to display the automation on top of the audio track rather than below. This is wasting sooooooo much screen space!

Yes, please. Would be nice if the user could choose to view automation data in the same track, just like the event envelopes. You will be able to see more clearly what is being affected by the automation.

"You will be able to see more clearly what is being affected by the automation.[/quote]
totally! i never understood why automation was below a track where is really hard to do fine adjustments…

I actually like the automation lanes. Nice and clear. Easy to edit. Easy enough to show and hide as needed. Guess it’s just a matter of personal preference and what one is used to.

Having the option to display them over the event or on sepaate lanes would keep everyone happy.

How about “VST Event Expression”?

Working similar to VST Note Expression, but bound to an “Audio Event” on an Audio Track or a MIDI Part on a midi track, instead of a MIDI Note in the MIDI Key Editor?

Cubase 6.5? g