Cubase 6 charge on my bank account refunded?


I ordered Cubase 6 about a week ago. My bank account was charged immediately - now it’s a week later and I see that the charge has disappeared from my online bank statement and the funds have gone back into my account. What does this mean? Has my order been cancelled? I wish there was a little more information here.


Same thing here
I expect the money will be taken just before they ship

That’s interesting. When you say bank account, do you mean direct debit?

I checked my PayPal account and see the debit from asknet on January 14, but no refund. I also haven’t received any shipping notification so I assume they’re just waiting on stock to be shipped.

Bank account or credit card statement? A vendor can reserve a payment, ensuring that when the time comes sufficient funds are available. Maybe you caught the moment between release of the reservation and actual taking of the payment.

Same hear, ordered last Tuesday money gone out, now returned over the weekend. I’ve messaged asknet, waiting for reply. See what they say, I may cancel order.

Why would this quirk of the accounting system make you not want Cubase 6?

This is normal for companies that don’t charge you right away. The money are reserved for a week and if the order isn’t processed by then the reservation is released. When the order is processed you will be charged. You better not spend your money before then :wink:

I will get Cubase 6, it’s just a question of when. I spoke to Digital Village here in UK the day after the announcement, they said 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, got my educational clearance from Steinberg and placed order, hoping to get it sooner. Something has happened between placing order and receiving tracking number (?), and DV’s prices are falling like a lead balloon, although not in stock. Could save me money!
I am an impatient person, and I’ve been using Pro Tools too much at uni.