Cubase 6 Click Track and Superior Drummer

With great frustration I find that the Cubase click track will not sound when I set up Superior Drummer as a VST Instrument.

Because of this my drummer (MIDI’d in to the desk from a Alesis DM5) has nothing to keep time to when recording and wanders around now and again.

Does anyone know how to get the click track to sound when superior drummer is loaded and recording??

Thanks much


You get it to work the same way you get it to work in any other case does not have anything to do with superior drummer…
There are plenty of threads on the forum about how to set the click set up…

Hi Thanks for you comments.

Thing is, I’m pretty conversant with Cubase and setting up the click track etc which works fine in projects that do not have a drum sequencer loaded.

But once I load Superior drummer, the click track disappears…

When all else fails, try to make your own click on a separate midi track, as a workaround.