Cubase 6 Communicate w/ Tascam DM24

In the VST system link i no longer get a MIDI to chose from all i get is the ADAT channels In XP i could use my DM24 to operate Cubase using HUI emulation …i can’t find it …

System link has nothing to do with it!

Is it possible to send me in the correct direction ?

Page 343 on, in the manual may help!

TY TY TY …i have control over dm 24 now and vice er versa ty ty

would you know of a way to use my concole as a 24 Channel DAW not just in Banks of 8 ???

Please join

There’s plenty of people with knowledge of DM-24 there.

This website is defunked. Any idea where it moved to?

This site is very informative but I can’t get it to work like he has it.

Just googled a bit, and it seems the tascam forums went down early this year, then came back up after a few weeks. But now it’s down again. No idea what they’re doing :confused: