Cubase 6 compatible with Apple Lion ?

to my own annoyance i have updated my mac to Apple Lion 10.7.3 tonight, stupidly not checking compatibility with Cubase 5 and Groove Agent 3. it is not compatible it seems with Cubase 5 !! I can revert to the old op system but have not backed up for a month and will lose valuable work. Can i assume i can upgrade from Cubase 5.0.1 to latest version 6 and it will be compatible with Lion and indeed i will be able to re-access all my previous cubase 5 work in cubase 6 ? many thanks for any tips, feeling rather silly…Higgs


I’ve been running Cubase 6 in Lion for several months now.

Aloha h,

I have both C6 and C5 running just fine on the
same iMac. (see sig)

be able to re-access all my previous cubase 5 work in cubase 6 ?

Ahh there’s the rub! Answer, perhaps.

If I try and open a C5 project in C6, the files will open with no probs.

All eq’s are the same.
All Steiny plugs work the same (even PC—>Mac—>PC)

But some Steiny C5 plugs (HalionOne) cannot be accessed by C6.
(see below)*

With those files I have to re-load that MIDI info into HASE.
Most times the sounds are as good or better than HAO but this process
can be time consuming.

*This incompatibility is Apple’s fault, not Steiny’s.

Apple did not include ‘Rosetta’ with Lion so lots o’ stuff
written to work under Snow Leopard is DOA under Lion.

And soon ( this summer) we will have 10.8
(Mountain Lion) with which to deal.


No problems here.

I still got problems with HalionOne and OSX Lion… could someone please help me?
check my post here:

Will not work.

Just deleted Cubase 5 and reinstalled Cubase 6.5 with HalionOne.
No problems anymore! :smiley: