Cubase 6: connection with VSTbridge lost, what can I do?


I work in 64 bits (Cubase 6 Artist) and I have this issue with a project in specific. I cannot open it, because the VST bridge error appears. After seeing that I couldnt do it, I exported all the tracks in MIDI (to save the notes) and opened them again with the specific VST, and when I saved it the issue remained when I tried to continue with the session. Then, I did the same again but instead of saving it, I started to work with the session all the day without saving and then I exported it to audio, but when it was being exported the VST bridge error appeared again.

What can i do?, does somebody know a technique or something to fix this? this is the first time I had this error, I dont know what is happening, because I tried to test all the 32 bit vsts and all of them work fine after saving the sessions.

thanks in advance.

The bridge doesn’t play nice with one of your plugs. J-Bridge may be the answer, go to their site and see if your plugs work with it.