Cubase 6 continually crashing

Evening all, first post here.
I was working on a project all morning (probably for about 6 hours.) I took a break for lunch and watched a bit of tv for a couple of hours. I left Cubase and the project open while i was downstairs. When I went back to the project cubase stuttered/buzzed and crashed after about 10 seconds playback.

Now everytime I open up Cubase whether its with a project open or no it crashes after a very short period of time and I just get a window saying “Cubase has stopped workin, windows is trying to find a solution”

The only thing that I changed on my pc today was I installed Vengeance Multiband Sidechain Compressor but Cubase was working flawlessly with that being used all morning so I doubt that would be causing any isues.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Obvious question to ask first, but did you shut down then reboot the computer after all this started happening? What version of Cubase 6 are you using? Is your elicense the latest version?

I would check that u have the latest Elicensor installed as both Cubase and Vengeance Multi Band use the Elicensor, and there may be a need to update it! :smiley:

Yeah have rebooted. And am pretty sure the e-licenser updated when I installed vengeance mbs. I’ll go have a look now

I’m using the full version of cubase btw. Still no joy. e-licenser software is all up to date. I’ve updated drivers on my pc. And it’s still crashing almost straight away. I really cant work out what’s going on as it really was working fine and to flip out all of a sudden is a bit strange

I would :
A)try a different USB port
B) Make sure your not using a usb hub, or pci addon usb card.
C) Reinstall C6 & Trash any preferences it grabs from C5
D) Have a really good look at what you have currently active on the Elicensor :slight_smile:

Cheers will give it a go tomorrow and hope it works.