Cubase 6 [Corrupt Project/Slow Export] [Mac]

Im having two problems with Cubase 6 that I have just purchased. This is really an emergency because as of right now im not sure if the audio i just imported from Maschine (in VST Mode) has anything to do with me continuously and previously getting these “Project Corrupt” Errors and even more so if this project im working on as we speak has been saved… being that this error wont allow me to “save as” the project under a different title either.

I dont want to loose this project because, and heres the second problem, im having problems with the projects audio export or tempo of the project. The project is playing at exceedingly lower speeds when i export the audio in WAV or MP3. About 10 bpms or so… and not to mention this is the first complete production ive been able to complete since moving from mpc5000 to maschine/cubase. so yea im a little excited and would really like any assistance on how i can get these two problems fixed a.s.a.p.

Thx in advance. And also as a first time Cubase / DAW user for my music I wanna say Cubase 6 is amazing DAW I can already see how its improving my sound quality and my workflow for the better. im really excited to dig into my new software setup (Maschine and Cubase from MPC5000 and Fantom x6 (mostly midi controller now)) and get to the music. im only stuck at these to problems… and again any assistance would be great :slight_smile:

ok i havnt been gettin the corrupt projec error lately but it is still exporting all my audio very slow and im not sure how to fix this at all… i really need some help on this guys… please anyone with anything on this issue!!

After a week and 4 days from when i initially posted this thread i must say that i have finally figured out the issue with this tempo/export/sample rate issue i have been having with ZERO F****** help from ANYONE on this damn forum! I mean 75+ views on this thread and not one single reply besides my own i mean WTF!!!

Is this really a forum were producers and artist can come to seek information from you so called vets at this software! is forum not a place were you should be able to share and gain information from others with more or less knowledge in certain areas… i most certainly think this forum is a EFFING JOKE!!! If I had know you cubase member were so effing useless i would never have even bought this product. I could have stuck my mpc at least if you ask a question even a dumb a** one you will at least get a rely saying thats a dumb a** question. but not on this forum noooo…

but whatever… i was able to fix my problem ON MY OWN. regardless of how simple or whatever it may have been. I hope i dont run into anymore because i only know were NOT to go for any assistance. I mean this is really really disappointing… SMFH!

but for those that came to this thread looking for some ASSISTANCE with what you may have spotted in the thread heading it was indeed some type of sample rate issue. right above the edit areai noticed a column that said Sample Rate 44.1 or something but its was highlighted orange… so when i hovered my mouse over the text its said there was an error with incorrect sample rates… Im guessing becuase im using the Presonus Firestudio Mobile it must be set to 48 khz. But realize im only importing audio from Maschine via the Drag and Drop feature. I had to play around with it alot (WITHOUT SAVING) before i was able to change the setting and then was able to speed up the tempo from 107BPM to 116.4 BPM to match the MIDI data and remain on tempo. i do beleive i kept the samples at the same position if it asks…

Im no export and im not even a 100% sure of what i did or if i could do it again but i do know you wont find very much help from anyone on these forums so i hope my little input helps.