Cubase 6 Crash in Scoring


I had installed a Cubase 6 Upgrade 64bit on my Windows 7 64bit PC. If I want to start Notation on a MIDI segment I get an error Code an Notation ist still started but there is no notation possible.
If I start Cubase with a scoring template for example Big Band I get an Cuase Error and Cubase crashed :open_mouth:

Any Ideas ?

Thank you all

I’ve no idea, but I can merely suggest that you trash your Cubase Preferences (and move out any Preferences from previous versions, so that Cubase 6 will re-build them from scratch on next launch). Failing that, try re-installing. (I’m on Mac here, so I don’t know if there are any issues with 64-bit on PC, but I’ve just launched the “Big Band” Score template in Cubase 6 64-bit Mac, and it seems fine here)

I could not fix my Cubase 6 64bit installation, so I make an Deinstallation and installed Cubase 6 32bit. Now it’s working fine - stupid sollution but it’s working