Cubase 6 crash on new system..


This is my first post on this forum. So thanx for taking the effort for reading my post.

I just got a new system and i always build them myself.
It ran perfectly for one day. Yesterday i installed it and today it started crashing. Only when i run Cubase!
when cubase isn’t running it still works fine but when i start cubase it works for a few minutes nog sometimes 2 or 3 or 1.
I had this problem before last week when i had an Crucial M4 in my system but encountered this problem from the beginning., thought the ssd was the problem.
With the new disk i bought it worked for a day (like a charm!) but now unfortunatly the same problem…!
Maybe it is hardware related but as it only encounters when i run Cubase i figured to drop a question here.
Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance!


O.S.:32 bit Windows 7
Mother board: ASUS, P9X79 PRO
Proc: Intel® 3930K “Unlocked”, Socket 2011, 3200 MHz, Sandy Bridge-E
Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR3,1600-16GB KIT 1600MHz,CL9,4x4GB,XMP,1.5V
Book disk: Raptor 600
2nd: Raptor 600

Additional information about this crash may help us to identify the problem. Word “crash” may mean a lot of things:

  • Cubase halts with error message
  • Cubase “poofs” (goes away without any error message)
  • Computer hangs with an error message
  • Computer hangs without an error message
  • Computer reboots
  • etc etc etc…

So which kind of behaviour are you experiencing? And if there is an error message, please post it here.

Search “crash” in the Knowledge Base. Find the LOG file on your HD where it tells you it will be; post that and we’ll see if we can find the source of the problem. :slight_smile:


It just freezes.
No message. I can’t even reset it . Have to hold the pwr button
I was looking for the LOG file. Found this on the root C.
this is what is said.

[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File

Or maybe i need another log file.

I’m so glad my old system is still running oke but this stuff is draining me!

Thanx for helping so far.


Did you find that in the Cubase folder under Prog Files as a text document? They’re not normally that short, especially if you’ve had multiple crashes. Are you using third party VST plug-ins?

I can’t find that file.Maybe it didn’t record one. I checked the liability schedule of windows and it didn’t record a crash aswel. I removed all the third party vst’s i that didn’t work.
What i’ve tested this morning is to remove the firewire sound card en let cubase run on the internal sound card of the motherboard. It seems to be stable now so maybe it got to do with the PCIe firewire card. The motherboard doesn’t have firewire on board. Right now i’m using a motu828 mk3 as sound card but in the studio i will be using a prism sound orpheus so i will be needing the firewire. I checked the driver for the firewire card but windows already found the best one i said.
but as i am typing it freezes again… so thats on the onboard sound card

I got some test updates.
I got a clean install with no 3rd party plugins installed on the onboard soundcard and it freezes when i use it for a few minutes
After that i installed ableton and went away for a few hours came back and it was still runnin.
COuld it be hardware if the problem so far only occurs in Cubase?
I did a memtest yesterday for 4 hours and the memory appears to be ok.
Hope someone has any idea beforwe i go back to the computer shop.

I might try updating Quicktime (if it’s weak you’ll be in crash city). After that, I don’t know what else to say except give tech support a shout. They’ll be able to do one of those live support sessions or whatever; it’ll be very helpful if you find that log file. If you figure out the cause of this problem, please let me know, because CE5 keeps crashing on my Vista. :frowning:


I posted this at Steinberg. They told me to update to 6.05 I did and it looked like it worked but after an hour and a half or so it happened again. … . . … !! In ableton it runs fine!! what can it be!. I will go back to the computer store tomorrow. H0ope the can help me.
Is there something wrong with the configuration i chose?
I see more people with more or less tjhe sam so that should be ok.
Ok. back to my old pc.


C6 may be more stable for Win 7. I’m looking for the workaround on this problem as well. However, it has been getting less frequent for me. :slight_smile:

it is fixed!
When ive updated to 6.05 and cleared my old prefrences the problem was solved.
I tested it for a long time and no problems anymore!
I learned a lot about this process as i was troubleshooting.
Thanx people!
Next question i will post on a onther location.
transferring presets and stuff.