Cubase 6 crashes on startup / eLicenser problem on win 7


first post and a desperate one…

I was using Cubase Studio 5 on my Win7 32-bit PC without any problems, until I decided to install the Cubase 6 Update:

First problem:
I cannot activate Cubase 6, as soon as I enter my activation code, eLicenser Control tells me that the “license database has a new format”. Need to retry after updating eLicenser to the latest version. Did that, without any effect, same problem.

Partial Workaround:
I plugged the USB-eLicenser to my macbook and did the activation there. Worked. Recognized on my Win7 PC. But “updating the database” on Win7 still throws the same exception. See screenshot for the full beauty…

Second problem:
As soon as I launch Cubase 6 it throws an error message: “Method ID does not exist” (see screenshot). I can dismiss this message and Cubase goes on starting up. Cubase loads up, shows the startup page (the project selection form)… and Windows 7 crashes with the “windows has encountered a problem” error message, killing Cubase.

So I’m stuck with an expensive Upgrade that does not work. No idea, just frustration. Reinstalled, updated eLicenser to the latest version, upgraded Cubase to 6.0.2, deinstalled, reinstalled Cubase, rebooted regularly, did all “Windows Updates”, problems persist.

Wrote two support requests to Steinberg without any answer, spent a night installing all combinations instead of checking out the new sound features… lemme stop here, guess that’s enough to give you a feeling bout my mood…

in short: I need help… Thanks!

Regards, Daniel

Hi folks,

in the meantime steinberg support answered and suggested to remove the eLicenser completely (including manually deleting driver files etc, see knowledge base)…

Did this and it slightly changed the situattion: now Cubase displays an “official” message “no license found, please activate” on startup instead of an exception-message.

For the rest, still the same “eLicenser Database must be updated” error exception when I try to activate Cubase or when I try to launch eLicenser Control Center.

I’ve also managed to deinstall the syncrosoft drivers after googling around:

Use "pnputil -e" to list the OEM###.INF files, find the one you want to
delete, then use "pnputil -d oem###.inf" to delete it.

I saw that there were two “syncrosoft device drivers” installed at the same time and managed to remove both using the commands above.

After this I can force a complete reinstall of the eLicenser usb driver.

Nice, but does not solve anything :frowning:

Still no Cubase, but I managed to boil it down to a eLincenser driver issue I guess.

Any idea folks?? It’s driving me mad…

Thanks, Daniel

I had license problem after I updated to 6.0.2 and my computer did not recognise after update. I just downloaded latest version of syncrosoft which is 8-10 old update. 6.02 compiled 30 march of 2011 so the syncrosoft which comes with cubase update patch is kinda out of date.

Uninstall everything about syncrosoft even in regeedit. And reinstall. Run the program and check if it recognise your usb dongle.

Thanks Emrahexe,

did that and was not successful…

On launching the latest eLicenser Control Center, it tells me to update the database and then still throws the same exception.

Not related to Cubase 6.0.2.

I’m out of clues really…



I have exactly the same behaviour / errors if I unplug the USB key.
The USB key works perfectly on my macbook.

On the faulty Win7 PC, there is no problem displayed in the device manager, the eLicenser is displayed correctly running in driver version 06/26/2009


Still no cure… I think it’s time to deal with a loss of many $$$ spent on the Cubase 6 update.

I’m done with cubase… not acceptable to get no support for correctly updating a driver of a damned usb dongle…
Cubase 5 worked fine before on exactly the same machine, so… it’s just not acceptable.

Time to switch to another daw folks, I’m sorry! Very, very disappointing.