Cubase 6 crashes when importing midi file

Hey everyone. My cubase will freeze when I import a midi file (format 1 or 0) on a template that I’ve made. The template has 8 mono channels, 4 group, and 6 fx channels. It basically happens like this:

File New Project – Template
File -> Import -> Midi File

Then it thinks for a few seconds and freezes. I can see that it adds halion se to the vsti list when the midi file is imported. I also noticed that once I have to close it through task manager, I cannot reload cubase 6 without restarting (Which is also a huge time waster!!!).

I’m running Win 7 x86 with 32bit cubase 6. I have a quad core i5 3.2 ghz sandy bridge intel processor with 8 gb ram. I have an RME Fireface 400 that is connected by firewire. Other than this problem, it seems to be quite stable.

Workaround: I can load the midi files if I open a blank project and import it that way. but it takes so much longer to add the tracks individually for each song, and load the individual settings. Anyone else have this problem? It is very frustrating — especially after taking so long to make the template.

I’ve also tried removing all the effects and group channels from the template before importing the midi, but it still crashes!

We are sharing the same issue.

However once I deleted my preferences and applied two new updates from steinberg for Cubase 6 (the 6.0.3 and 6.0.4 patch, mine was at 6.0.2) It now works!

Try that.

Amend preferences to import file to a midi track (instead of VST instrument). If that fixes problem, you can work through add-ons and try to narrow down problem.