Cubase 6 & Cubase 6.5

I have been using cubase 6 for some time and decided to try the 6.5 trial ver.After the trial period,which i did not accept,I cannot use my old ver 6.0.
Do i have to re-install this version again?
I have use the e-licenser for re-activation and recover.No help

Anybody could help please to recover my DAW.
Thanks a million!

Well. 6.5 program overwrites 6.0, the license on your key is 6.0, the version on your computer is 6.5. So yes, you´ll probably have to re-install 6.0, after de-installing 6.5. You could have simply tried already.

Many thanks.
Another question,after de-installing ver 6.5,will all my VSTs be gone?



Thanks to you all,appreciate it!

just as a matter of interest , did you start any projects in 6.5 and are you now able to open them in 6 ,when you get it up and running again of course let us know. thanks