Cubase 6 Doesn't recognise BFD2 as a plugin


I’ve posted thi smessage to the BFD2 forum without any response.
Have alos raised a support docket with FXpansion without a resolution to date.
Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Have completely rebuilt my PC from scratch.

  • Installed all 5 DVD’s including disk 1 being very careful about where I point the plugin, audio & data paths.

  • Ran BFD2 stand alone, all seemed ok.

  • Ran Cubase 6, it recognised BFD2 and all seemed good.

  • I then installed the update.

  • Ran BFD2 stand alone, all seemed ok.

  • Ran Cubase 6. Now, when Cubase 6 is initialising it freezes at VST 2xPlugin->BFD2

  • Have to shutdown Cubase 6 using windows task manager

  • When I restart Cubase 6 it doesn’t freeze but when loaded has not recognised BFD2 as a plugin.

  • If I reboot my PC and start Cubase 6

    What are my options for getting this problem fixed?
    Not sure what I else I can do here



Does BFD2 show up in Cubase’s ‘Plug-in information’ list? Make sure it’s ticked there, click the ‘Update’ button there too.



Hi Mauri,

Nope, no sign of BFD2 in the Plugin information list.
Have tried to get Cubase 6 to recogise the BFD2.dll by reseting the plugins paths and hitting the update button, Cubase just locks up when I do this.



You could try deleting the ‘blacklist’ file (if BFD2 is listed there) in: C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6[u]Vst2xBlacklist Cubase[/u]

And don’t worry, the file will re-created (if necessary) when you next fire up Cubase.

I’ve had a similar problem in the past and have been scratching my balding head trying to remember what it was…if it comes back I’ll let you know :wink: .


Ok I’ll give that a go.
Will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for your help. I’ve always felt lucky, this is the first problem I’ve ever had with any of my software…

I presume that you are talking about BFD2 as a 32 bit plugin?
This thread is of interest to me as I am just about to upgrade my computer.

Hi Silouette,

Yep BFD2 as a 32 bit pugin.
FXpansion support have been able to reproduce the scenario I described.
I’m going to try Mauri’s suggestion when I get home tonight, if no luck there I’m going to raise a support case with Steinberg.



Update on this situation…

Followed Mauri’s advice and:

-Deleted the vst2xblacklist.xml file
-Restarted Cubase 6
-Cubase 6 hangs in exactly the same way as previously experienced.
-Use task manager to end Cubase 6
-Restart Cubase 6, it loads but checking the vst2xBlacklist.xml reveals that BFD2 has again been added to this file.

Not getting much in the way of support from FXPansion but have to say that Steinbergs support for this region is absolutely non existent!!! Not good enough really…

Not sure why BFD2 is being added to the blacklist.
Can’t understand why no one else is experiencing this problem



Have you figured it out yet? I’m using BFD2 just fine.

when Cubase 6 is initialising it freezes at VST 2xPlugin->BFD2

This happened to me today during my SX3 adventure, I had trashed preferences because I thought it might help the SX3 installation problem (it didn’t) but when I copied the trashed preferences back into their original folders, the BFD2 freezing on initialisation went away.

Is this the first example of “untrashing” fixing a problem? :confused:

So - Murray, if you recently trashed prefs and saved the folder contents, put them back! I’m sure someone will know the specific file.


No haven’t figured it out yet.
Am waiting for FXpansion to get back to me with an answer. I think I’ll be waiting until BFD3 is released.


Hey Zebbie,

Out of curiosity can you let me know what version of BFD2 you are running and any other relevant details.
Can’t understand how you are running Win7-64, Cubase 6-64, BFD2 using Jbridge and don’t have any problems when I’m using exactly the same setup.



I don’t use jBridge. I do have a problem, but it is only that projects with BFD2 won’t shut down. I have to kill it in task manager.

Hi Murray, I’m using BFD2 V I continued having problems with BFD2 until V 1.27 of JBridge and the latest version is V1.3. BFD2 is working flawlessly but I’m annoyed that FXpansion won’t be producing a 64-bit version, so I’m currently checking out alternatives. O/S is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Good luck with your infuriating problem, I’m sure you’ll get there!

Thanks Zebbie,

I started at version 1.3 of jBridge.
I’m going to install the 32 bit version of cubase 6 alongside the 64 bit and se what happens there.