Cubase 6 Dongle License All Of A Sudden Stopped Working

I went online to mysteinberg to see if things are activated and I found that no software is activated…

What is the best action to take???

I cannot find any activation code because it was an upgrade.

What should I do?


So the dongle stopped working, or the license

even an upgrade comes with an activation code. The upgrade was from what to what?

Give a proper problem discription, or contact support…

Figure I follow up since I saw already some posts similar to mine…

I went through support and they sent me a link to update the eLicense software. Afteer I downloaded the file and installed it and perfomed the maintenance on the dongle I was able to get into Cubase 6.

Yes, the dongle light was on and working. Sorry that I forgot to mention that.

So, I am up and runnign again. It seems some kind of 2013 bug with the licenser. Again, m circumstance was an upgrade license from Cubase 4 to 6. Do not know if it just for this situation.

Good luck everyone and thanks for the try in helping me out thinkingcap.


Hi and excuse my ignorance if this is not possible, but is there any way of dispensing with the dongle altogether? Mine is about 10 years old and cracked where the USB port sticks out (now at a slight angle) of the plastic casing… that’s if I could find the little fecker! It’s lurking somewhere in my very cluttered living room… Don’t need it right now this instant, but sure to need it soon and will no doubt find it, but it does make me think what happens if you do loose it?

The key license details are of course stored in my profile details, so could transfer to a new dongle if need be, but I frequently travel with my laptop, and I’m sure sooner or later I’m gonna forget my dongle, leaving me high and dry, and with only two USB ports on the MacbookPro, I could do without the thing taking up a valuable port…

And while on the subject of USB ports, can anyone recommend a powered hub that would enable me to run my RME UFX, Novation Launchpad and 25SL Mk2 off said Macbook?



No, unless you use Cubase Elements 6

How deeply irritating!! Not only is it fragile, it’s really prone to being mislaid, especially by absentminded disorganised folk like me! :frowning:

Thanks for the reply tho…