Cubase 6 - Drumagog & "resolve missing file" ??

I’ve got a very puzzling thing happening here, and was wondering if someone could help me figure this out:

When I work on a project, I “save as” each time I make mix changes, just in case I need to open an earlier version. Recently I decided to use Drumagog 5 platinum to help with some drum editing, but every time I try to load a second instance of Drumagog, Cubase gives me an error message and won’t let it happen.

Experimenting as to why this was happening, I discovered that earlier versions of this project will load multiple instances of Drumagog without any problems. I then noticed that the specific version of my current project where my “error” started, is the same one that I began getting a “resolve missing file” message. The crazy thing is, the file in question has the “.cpr” at the end of it, obviously indicating a project file. This was is in the pool with a question mark, but project files aren’t loaded in the pool normally, right? I suppose I somehow must have tried to re name a file, and it wound up with the .cpr at the end.

I finally just moved this file to trash, and deleted it. The project will now open without the “resolve missing file” message, but Drumagog simply WILL NOT load more than one instance in this version of the project.

What could be causing this?,… I’m at a complete loss as to how to proceed, as I do need to use Drumagog to help edit my drum tracks. I do also own Steven Slate SSD4, but with that I have to convert the wave files to midi notes, etc,… and that tends to be more time consuming.

Thanks for any advice or input,