Cubase 6 Element or LE Cubase 6 Element?

I bought a ur28m and with it came a version of Cubase 6 AI. Actually, when it was installed, the file said LE Cubase 6 AI. I need rewire capabilities, so I downloaded the $40 upgrade to Cubase 6 Element. The wesbite did not say anything about the upgrade being an LE version, but when I downloaded it, the file said LE. So either I am missing something or I am screwed out of $40 since I really only bought the upgrade thinking it would give me rewire capabilities. Interestingly enough, the only place it says LE is on the desktop file name. The opening program just says Cubase 6 Element. I say all that to ask this. What the hell do I need to have to get rewire capability??? Help
I don’t understand why Steinberg does not let the buyer know that they are buying an LE version. I assume it must be because the is no way to rewire reason in 32 bit. Or I am missing something, which is very possible. I simply want to be able to run reason 6 with cubase (both in 32 bit) but I want to but the lowest level cubase program I have to to get that.


I would like to share your question because,
I just bought Cubase Elements 6. The icone on desktop says : Cubase LE AI Elements6. Is there someone in cubase support who could say if is’t the same software or not?
I have Windows 7 64bit version. After reading several forum, I understand that 64version of cubase doesn’t support rewire. Good, not a big deal, I installed 32bit version of cubase. I installed 32 bit version of reason
When I open cubase elements, in Device menu, I could see Reason rewire, sounds good :slight_smile:
When I open reason, everything works, sounds good too.
But, each time I start cubase, open a project, create a reason rewire track, then open reason, I get a message like : cubase LE AI Elements6 has stopped working, (and it really close) Impossible to run both Cubase and Reason. :frowning:
If somebody has an idea :bulb: