Cubase 6 Elements load my Miroslav Philarmonik librray as Fx


I use Cubase 6 elements in my Windows 7 computer.

I recently bought Miroslav Philarmonik, When I use it stand-alone there is no problem. It works fine. But I cannot use it with Cubase 6 Elements.

The path for the plug-in is OK, the “philarmonik.dll” file exists, but when I open the VST Instrument menu, there is no Miroslav in the choices. The plug-in information in Cubase says that Miroslav is not an instrument by an Fx!!! Actually, all the IK instruments appear as Fx, not VSTi.

I tried it to launch a VST instrument (Kontakt, in my case) and then I could see the Miroslav window when I made the attempt to include an FX. This “Fx Miroslav window” sounds OK (using the virtual keyboard included with it), but if I use my MIDI keyboard as usual, what sounds is the VST instrument initially loaded, of course.

How can I solve this problem?