Cubase 6 Elements Midi help

Hey, I have a slight problem with my studio rig at the moment. I am running a windows 7, 64 bit, very high spec machine with 3 M-Audio Delta 1010’s as my audio interface, with one master and two slaves via s/pdif. I currently have 9 hardware synths, 2 drum machines, 2 sampler/sequencers and various effect units which are all midi connected, running into two M-Audio Midisport 8x8/s, which in turn are connected to my computer via USB.

Here is my problem…

I seem to always have an issue with some of my outboard gear as it runs at double the speed of my my Cubase clock, for example, if I have a track set to 120 bpm, one or two (if midi chained) of my synths will run at 240bpm.

At first I thought there could be an issue with the delta 1010’s but it seems no matter where I take the midi signal from (chaining it from another synth, from a delta 1010 or from an output of one of the midsports) I still incur the same issue, so I can only assume it’s something in Cubase itself. On one of the delta 1010 units my midi in/out doesn’t seem to work and upon going into sync options and selecting the appropriate tick box for generating midi clock will not save. As soon as I go back into the menu the boxes have deselected themselves.

I feel like the problem is due to the fact I am running Cubase 6 Elements and I should upgrade but I don’t quite understand why this is happening. I am fairly uneducated in Cubase so forgive me if it is something simple.

I know that my post is a bit long-winded, I do apologise.

Any help is greatly appreciated!