Cubase 6 Elements question

Hi there !

I’m running Cubase 8 Artist, which was part of upgrading licenses from Cubase 5 Essential - to Cubase 7 Artist - 7.5 Artist and finally Cubase 8 Artist.
I also have Cubase 6 Elements , which was purchased like full version.
I’m waiting now for elicenser usb-key, cause i’d like to install/use cubase also on another machine.
Can i use license from Cubase 6 Elements for my new key or is it registered just to my main usb licenser key (which i don’t see there).
The thing is that on my main (where i have all licenses) licenser key i see just Cubase 5 Essential and Cubase 8 Artist, i presume Cubase 6 Elements is full version and is not on that key,
so i guess, i can use it for my new elicenser key ?

Now i’m little confused , cause at purchase ticket writes, Cubase 7 Artist upgrade was
“Cubase Artist 7 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 or Cubase Essential 5”. And on my usb licenser key is still Cubase 5 Essential and Cubase 8 Artist, so i think it was part of upgrading from Cubase 5 Essential and not Cubase 6 Elements , which at purchase ticket writes it was a full purchased version.


Assuming your Elements 6 license was NOT upgraded to Artist 7 (which it sounds like it was based on your last paragraph) it would have been a SOFT license which is on the hard drive and not on the USB eLicenser.
I really don’t know about the Cubase 5 Essential license. I don’t know how they were doing those (i.e. soft licenser or USB licenser) BUT it sounds like you are saying you can see the license. Does it say it is on the USB eLicenser or on the soft eLicenser?

thanks for your reply !

i can see on my USB licenser :
-Cubase Artist 8
-Cubase 5 Essential
i don’t see Cubase 6 Elements there, so probably is part of soft licenser and i guess it’s locked to my main computer and can’t be installed to another machine ?

i was thinking , cause it was purchased like full version (Cubase 6 Elements) i can install it to another machine.

You can. You need to use the re-activation process. There is a soft eLicenser FAQ topic in the LE/AI forum.

thanks for all the info, i’ll try this today :wink: