cubase 6 elements tips, is it possible?

I passed from sx3 to cubase 6 and I have some questions about the now sotfware…
it there a way to:

  • when opening a project, to have always the bar starting from the beginning, not at the point where it’s located on the last save… so always start a project from measure 1
  • to have not the “want to save” windows if I don’t modify anything, like just play and stop

thank you

These two things are related.

Cubase stores the position of the cursor when you save a project.

If you want the cursor to be positioned at the beginning of the project when you load it then position it there before you save it. When you load it again, the cursor will be at the beginning.

Because Cubase saves the cursor position, when you move it (ie play the project) Cubase offers to save the “changes” when you close it again. If you don’t want to, then click “Don’t Save”.

I don’t believe this behaviour can be altered.


unusable for live applications! :frowning: