Cubase 6 Elements VST Bridging

Hello everyone,

I just recently picked up Cubase Elements (64-bit) coming from FL Studio. I used JBridge with FL Studio however wished to have a DAW with a bridge already built in, and a better interface. So far my experience has been damped by the fact that every time I reach the usage of 3.1Gb’s my VST’s seem to stop responding, I can still hear sound when I play a key however I cannot edit any of my vst’s (can’t remove them, change a patch, ect.). I can also still exit cubase, however the vst’s won’t close. So, I tried to use JBridge with cubase however JBridge seems to not work so well for it, the problem I receive JBridge here is, lets say I load up the VST Omnisphere, what I get is the VST RealGuitar… Quite frustrating really. With using JBridge, even though I can’t ever seem to get the correct VST to load, I can get past that 3.1Gb threshold and utilize all of my ram (8Gb’s).

So, my main question is… With Cubase, is it going to be possible to utilize all of my memory inside of cubase using the VST Bridge that it comes with so I can stray away from JBridge? I use mainly 32-bit VST’s inside of Cubase 64-bit, and like I said before JBridge allowed me to utilize my memory, however would not load correct vst’s… the cubase bridge allow me to load the correct vst’s, however doesn’t seem to let me go past much more than 3Gb’s without issue.

Also, using JBridge with FL Studio, I had zero issues using the same .dll files created by JBridge.

You don’t provide system specs. Plenty here use J-Bridge due to issues with Steiny’s bit bridge.

I just figured out what was happening, I am gonna stick with JBridge for the moment and just learn more about cubase in the meantime, thanks.