Cubase 6 Elements with Windows

Hi, I’ve just received my copy of Cubase 6 Elements. My computer is currently running Windows 7 32bit, in the future I plan to upgrade to 64bit to take advantage of the 4GB of RAM installed but I was curious, am I ok to install and register Cubase on my current installation (32bit) and then in the future reformat my machine and install 64bit windows and simply reregister my copy of Cubase? Or if I install it and register now, am I then stuck on Windows 7 32bit?


How exactly transferring a software license across a reformat works I don’t know, but the license you have does not differentiate between 32 or 64 bit. If you want to use 32-bit now and 64-bit later that is not a problem.

Just a quick note, I’m taking myself through the manual now and I’m playing with Halion Sonic SE. In the manual, there appears to be hundreds of sounds available, in my installation there is a GM sound set and a “few” extras but that’s it. For example, the only orchestral / acoustic string patches are in the GM soundset, where as in the quick start manual there are patches named Cathedral Strings, Cello Solo etc which are not part of my installation of Halion. Is there an update I need or am I browsing the sounds incorrectly?