Cubase 6 & elicenser problem


I have just installed Windows 8 on my PC and also Cubase 6, but the trouble is my elicenser shows an activated Cubase 6.5 which was running before I changed to Windows 8 and it won’t let me activate Cubase 6 because of the 6.5 on the elicenser.

I have tried to install Cubase 6.5 from a saved file on my external Hard Drive, but I can’t because I don’t have an activated C6 in my elicenser

To sum up.

I’ve been upgrading Cubase since SX to 6.5 but I was told that I could just install from C6 and upgrade to 6.5

C6 won’t activate because C6.5 is activated on the elicenser.

I can’t upgrade to C6.5 because C6 is not activated and C6.5 is already on the elicenser.

Any ideas to help would be appreciated

No need to start the same thing again:

Well wait a minute. Arjan and thinkingcap, doesn’t 6.5 supersede 6, making it impossible to install 6 by itself IF 6.5 is already installed? I know that 5 can be installed, but I don’t think you can have 6 and 6.5 on the same elicenser. Am I wrong?

Further, if you registered your last install of C6.5, all you need to do is rescan your elicenser for registered products and 6.5 will be good to go. If there is some snafu with this, then you will find your serial numbers on the My Steinberg page.

The OP is trying to install 6 first, and then over that 6.5. But if the e-License software isn’t up to date, it won’t know about the existence of 6.5 and therefor not allow 6, for which no longer an explicit license is present.

  1. Open elicenser
  2. Under the Support tab in eLicenser header click on ‘Update eLicenserl License Database’

This should confirm that 6,5 is on the elicenser. If it conforms that 6.5 is there, download and install the latest 6.5. You should be good to go. As far as I know, there is no way the eLicenser can show that 6.5 is licsenced to the user unless it is ready to be used.

To make my point further, if I were to swap my ilok to another computer to use Cubase there, I would not need to load C6 first. Right?

No, it will show the license for 6.5 in my old XP rig where I sometimes use Cubase SX3 or 5.5 - but I do have (and need) the updated eLicenser Control software on that PC. The license on the USB dongle has no relation whatsoever with any installed version of Cubase.