RUNNING: Win 7,i7, Cubase 6 -64, Ens Pro 5, Play 64, Kontakt 64, 24 GB

Anyone using Ens Pro 5 in Cubase that can help here?
I’m in the process of building an Template for an Orchestral project using Ensemble Pro 5 and Kontakt in Cubase 6, using the Cubase “File”-“Save as Template” dropdown.
In this process I’ve been saving both “Preferences” & “64 metafiles” of each Ens P 5 instance, uniformly titled by numerical order and then subject in Ens P 5.
Yesterday everything in the template was working and loading fine at the time when I shut off my system for the night.
Today the Cubase- New Project-Orch Template" Cubase scrolls to the 8th Preference-“RA-ETHNIC PERC” and has frozen 3 times now. The task manager tells me that “Cubase” is “not responding” and forcing manual shut downs. Consequently I opened up several other Cubase projects without any problems.These RA instruments are used by me continually in Cubase projects so I’m asuming the problem is between RA and ENS PRO 5.
However Ens Pro won’t allow me to delete the RA instance from the from either the E.P. 5 Preferences or Saved folders or from the “Server” window itself using either the “File-delete”, or by highlighting the RA preference in the Server window and clicking “delete”.
So I then shut everything down, went to Documents-VSL Custom and deleted the RA instance from in there. However Its still in the E P 5 Server window, and apparently the cause for crashing Cubase everytime I open the template.
In addition this particular 64 “Server” window continually opens and stays active on my desktop and the deleted RA instance continues to stay intact. In addition neither the " 08-RA PERC" instance in the servor window or the entire Servor window itself will itself respond to the servor window commands for “EXIT” or “Delete” and I can’t even close the servor window using the task bar “Exit” command.
I have now shut down-reopened and the RA is absent from the “DOCS-VSL.”
If I delete the EP5 from loading pre Cubase then the project template loads fine , but with no Ens Pro Preferences.
I f I open the project template with E.P.5 as I’m supposed to, pre Cubase, then the Preferences still include the “08-RA” load and freezes at that point every time I open the project template!
By the way, I 've also reinstalled all of the all of the Play updates incl RA.
All of the 18 Kontakt racks load fine, as does loading the template minus E.P.5 and using Play itself (outside of EP5).
Nothing I’m trying with E.P.5 is working, I believe because I can’t delete what I’m sure now is the offending RA instance. All I’m accomplishing with E.P.5 because of this is a frozen system.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong.
And for size, yesterday when I closed I was running at 21%, less then 9 GB.
BIG HELP------