Cubase 6 EWQLSO issue

I am posting here too in case someone can help but i suspect this is an issue with PLAY.
I run a PC 64 bit with everything 64 bit inc c6 and windows 7
I use Play 3.025
I have been working hard on a full template for East West’s Symphonic Orchestra (plat)

I am using the master keyswitch instruments and 13 instances of Play. I intended to unarm all the instances fro every instrument using the two tick boxes in Play (per instrument articulation). My intention is to make a template that has no samples loaded, then load in the ones I need as I go.
After a little tweaking, I am finding that I can;t load certian instruments or at least not relaibly. Sometimes the instrument wont load at all, sometimes by clicking around in the instrument (and only that) I cna get the samples to load, sometimes they load without thevirtual piano keys changing color (blue for keyswitches, white for active keys) and sometimes one or the other loads.
I have tried to simply set things back to normal but nothing is working,
I have re-installed Play, then deninstalled and reinstalled - no luck,

Is anyone experienced with Play EWQLSO and Cubase 6?

this problem is stopping everything i do so I could do with some help


I’m not sure how helpful this is, as I run things differently and am on a Mac, but here goes…

I have a similar Play setup to yours, with a few important differences: I use VE Pro, and I don’t untick the boxes, I just load everything(all the samples). With 18 gig of RAM, I can usually get everything I need loaded and then some. With the newest iteration of Play, it takes approximately 4 and a half minutes to load my entire EWQLSO template, and VE Pro tends to take longer than Play to find things.

Anyway, just FYI.

Hi Zero,

Which specific keyswitches are you having problems with? I don’t usually use keyswitches, but I tried one real quick and it was working fine. On the other hand, unloading and then reloading a mic position does disable the color coding of all patches. This is a known issue with PLAY that will hopefully get corrected soon.

Thanks for the input everyone - thats one issue I did not know about -dissapearing colors with mic inputs - I did not touch those.
As to which keyswitches well a lot of them, I had trouble with bassoon and clarinet if I recall and solo violin. Could anyone try disarming and rearming patches at random and see if its stable please

How do you make your templates, are you talking about a project template with EW loaded or track templates ?

Reason I’m asking is I’ve always had difficulty with cubase track templates and multi out V.I’s as it doesn’t load the associated audio/midi tracks as well, in Reaper you just drag the template and it opens your V.I. complete with all routed tracks, so I still go through the painful process of loading mu VI’s with multi outs manually in cubase.

I’m not fully into my new studio yet but I can check this out for you in a couple of days as I have EWQLSO plat so can check it out, PM me your template if you like.


Hi Norbury,
I am talking of a full orchestral project template. If I still have issues in a couple of days I shall take you up with the offer.

Hi Zero,

I think I found the problem, though I wasn’t able to reproduce it in the solo Clarinet Master Keyswitch patch. The issue happens when you unload all the articulations, including the Release Trails. Doing this somehow prevents the samples to be represented on the keys as they normally should, even though they do seem to load (as the load bar shows). The good news is that there is a work-around. You can unload and reload any or all articulations without problems as long as you do NOT unload the Release Trails. This did the trick for me.

Hopefully now you’ll be able to get back to work :slight_smile:

Got it - many thanks Jose,
I didnt get a similar diagnosis, but found another workaround myself - after hours of work.
For me loosing all these connections might (stress might) have been caused by updating play in the middle of working up this template.
My workaround was simply to reload the instances of the instruments concerned into the same Play instance replacing the same with the same - then things wored again.
I found that most of my strings were not working and various other instruments, bassoon, clarinet and a few others.

I am still not confident that I have seen the end of this issue, but tonight its all working.

Did you see my other post - interesting question about templates

No, I haven’t. I’ll check it out.

Glad you were able to figure it out though.