Cubase 6 excitement

I have heard that Cubase 6 is going to be out in early 2011. Though I am usually not excited about updates, I have a feeling because of programs like Reaper and Studio One that have some easier work flows, it is putting pressure on Steinberg to make Cubase an even better program. I am looking forward to what Steinberg will be offering in the next year.

I think I read that the linked website is a spoof and nothing to do with Steinberg. Maybe I misunderstood :confused:

Cubase 6 is obviously coming out at some point, Steinberg are usually very good at keeping it quiet until the official release date.

But with all the competition out there I reckon we’ll see it some time soon, the January NAMM show was guessed by a few people, maybe thats a bit optimistic but whenever it arrives it’s only good news if the update is good, but as Steinberg never divulge anything before the release we shall just have to wait and see.

Most certainly I think it will be announced at NAMM, but probably not available for a few months after.


I don’t believe the site is a spoof. I recall reading somewhere on that site he is an enthusiast for Cubase. That’s all. No strings attached.

Here it is: Cubase 6 is coming -

Looks like competing with ProTools… but unfortunately not with Logic, at least by first sight.


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