Cubase 6 "export audio" mixdown not the same volume?

Anyone know why my “export audio” mixdown in C6 isn’t the same volume as the project mix.

This didn’t used to be this way. Now, when I finish my mix,… which currently has the VCC plug on the master out, as well as the UA Fairchild. I “export audio” and have the 2 track imported back into Cubase. mp3 Sound Effect

I can then compare the project mix with the “2 track exported mix”, and the exported mix is lower in volume than the project mix.

I apparently screwed a setting up somewhere, yet I can’t figure out where.

Has anyone had the same issue, and what can I do, or where in the software should I go to correct this? Could it be a setting or volume control on the front of my MR816 interface?
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A lot of times when people have this problem they’ve routed one signal twice to the same destination. So check your routing.

Hard to tell what’s going on with so little information. Screenshots of routing would be good.

I take it you’ve tried a sterile mixdown - i.e. import a wav to a track with no fx/inserts in a new arrangement window and export that and then bring it back in? Just to rule out any impacts of anything in your arrangement window?