Cubase 6 export


I have a project and i want to export all the channel to stems wav files
I’m using an old fusion way and each channel that i want to export i made the track solo.

there is any way that i can export with one click all the channels (midis and audio )to separate tracks?

Why not use Cubase’s channel batch export?

Go to File->Export->Audio Mixdown.
Tick the “Batch Export” box in tha upper left corner…
Tick channels you want exported.
Click Export button.


PS: You can assign a key-command to open Audio Mixdown window.

Nevertheless, you can´t export MIDI- and audio in one go.

Thanks Krisp

i will try it :slight_smile:

I tried it and is working…the problem now is that the exported audio channels doesn’t included the automation

any help please

Is the automation directly related to the individual tracks or are you using groups?

using groups

So the automation is targeted to VST’s loaded in the group tracks!?
Are you batch exporting the groups instead of the tracks routed to those goups?