Cubase 6 exporting mp3 problem.

Hello everybody,

I’m on mac (10.6.7 and using the newest Cubase update) and I have this weird problem that when I’m trying to export audio mixdown as mp3, I get a file than I play in Finder, but for example Itunes or VLC player wont play it. I think that this problem might have started with the first update to Cubase 6, not sure. This is really annoying because now I have to everytime take the audiomixdown aiff to another program and then convert it to mp3. Do you guys know what is causing this and what might be done for it?

Thank you!

I’m experiencing the same problem, although I’m on Win7 64bit … At the moment I cannot understand which is the problem… anyone can help?

Hello Cosmob83,

Please be sure that you have installed the latest version of Cubase 6 on your computer. The laest version can be downloaded here