Cubase 6 features / Nuendo 5

Dear forum members,

there have been some questions regarding the availablility of the Cubase 6 features
in Nuendo (in particular multitrack editing, comping). You’ll NOT have to wait until
Nuendo 6 to also get these features. We’ll be able to deliver these features within
the Nuendo 5 product cycle. Timeframe: first half of 2011.

In the meantime we’re going to release another maintenance update. Nuendo 5.1.1
will be available approximately end of this week.


Good news, thanks Timo.


Thanks for the info Timo. Will we be getting all the new features?

That´s what I call great news, a maintenance update + Cubase 6 features coming to Nuendo5…! :smiley:

Good decision SB, 2011 will be your winning year!

just cast my vote for Nuendo here by the way:

that´s good news.
hope n5.1.1 will fix the midi vst click issue…

One question, does this mean VST Expression 2 will not be included? Are you just pointing out specific features or will there anything “missing” compared to Cubase 6 … ? Does the update apply to NEK as well ?

That is GREAT news!

well I hope so… but how should it work to receive the instruments content then? Don´t think we get a massive update package as download link, THAT would be unexpected.

As far as VST expression goes, I think it will be the updated protocol, don´t think it makes sense if the new C6 functionality is somehow “not implemented”…

So does it actually mean we will actually be on SEQ6 generation then, with Nuendo 5.X ?

that´s good news !!
hope N5.1.1 will be compatible to 64-bit for Macpro.

I really hope I’m wrong. But it seems like you are all jumping to conclusions… Look at the original post.

Timo says, " We’ll be able to deliver these features within the Nuendo 5 product cycle. Timeframe: first half of 2011."
Then he goes on to say "in the meantime we’re going to release another maintenance update. Nuendo 5.1.1 "

To me this means that cubase features won’t be in 5.1.1

Yes, 5.1.1 contains only fixes.


Good news! Then I will happily do the upgrade, finaly - working in C5.5 in the moment, want to edit drums in C6 but will wait till those damn events are actually usable (transparency and stuff) - miss some Nuendo only features when working in Cubase, would like to go the Nuendo way again, but just paying 400 bucks for upgrade + NEK, just to have what I have in C5.5 + those small extra things… N5.5 sounds like a good thing!!


All the tests I have conducted show that C6 projects open just fine in N5.
There are some error messages, especially when features are used that are not in N5, but I haven’t had any screwed up or broken projects. So I _thin_k you can edit your drum stuff stuff in C6 and then port it to Nuendo.


Great, Fredo - thanks! Well, that was not my “problem” - I am still editing in C5.5 because of the bad/unusable Event-Design in C6 - BUT that is good to know, maybe I will update to N5 soon, not waiting till N5.5 (because I would say that 5.1.1 can be an awesome thing itself, or not?) - Usually I keep the drums in seperate projects, finally bouncing tracks with the range tool starting at zero and manually importing them to the “big project” with the other stuff… That’s a workflow which fits my kind of work quite good - so I don’t need to open C6 projects in N5 in the first place, but it is great that this works though! :sunglasses:

OT: That advanced crossfade editor as well as some other crossfade features (position of the crossfade) - is that an Nuendo only feature? I was not aware that this is missing in Cubase - and I miss so hard :slight_smile:

I agree on EVERY line you posted above. Exactly the same here, point by point :slight_smile:

Yes, these are Nuendo only.
And they got even better (much better) in Nuendo 5.


I think so :slight_smile:

Can anyone elaborate on which C6 features, if any, will NOT be included in that update? Or are we just over interpreting here that something might be “missing”?

Also, will the summer update be the one announced Nuendo 5 product lifecycle update containing the “Hide unused tracks” feature?

By the way, talking about hiding unused tracks, where is Thonex?` :question:

If the features don’t come until Summer, then the leap frogging has not ended. Reaper is sound more appealing everyday. At least they listen to their users.

well that sounds similiar to my own story :smiley: although I skipped the whole “generation 4” version.
I remember it was Cubase VST5 -> Cubase SX1 -> SX2 -> Nuendo 3 -> Cubase 5 -> Nuendo 5