Cubase 6 freezes - ASIO driver open failure


I experienced the following problem in the past weeks several time:

When working in Cubase, while opening a project, Cubase gets stuck and freezes, and I have to open the Task Manager to shut it down. When I re-open Cubase afterwards, the ASIO driver won’t open (ASIO driver open failure).

Also, when closing Cubase, it gets stuck at times and also then I can only shut it down with the Task Manager, and when re-opening, also the ASIO driver won’t open.

This is probably very vague and I can imagine it is very difficult to find out what causes this, but does anybody have an idea what could be the cause of this or what I could do to fix this?


Are you having the same problem when opening a blank template? - The project may be corrupt. Are you using video… Many issues regarding that.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have not tried this with a blank template yet.
Not using video.

How can a project become corrupt? I often save my projects under a different name to keep it at different stages, could that cause the project to get corrupted?

Don’t know (or care) enough about computers to tell you why. I only know they occasionally do. But If you are getting the project open, it possibly isn’t that. Are you using a lot of plugins? I know you’re on W7-64bit but have you tried freezing tracks before saving? If you have any problem plugins this “might” help. I’ve had similar problems but on 32 bit(XP) and that helped a lot but it may have been just a RAM problem. In which case I’m no help at all but no one else was contributing…

Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

Actually I wasdn ot using a lot of plug-ins, but I was using a 32-bit plug-in (Addictive Drums), and maybe there is a problem with the VSTbit bridge. Normally I don’t have issues with AD and the bit bridge (so, this would not be a ‘problem’ plug-in for me), but I guess it may work sometimes and other times it won’t.