Cubase 6 Freezes on Project Start-up

This started happening about a week ago while opening projects. Cubase would freeze on launching a project while loading HSSE Main(2) mixer. It’s now freezing on Loading Mixer with the rest of the dialogue box blank. I’d be happy to post screenshots. Can anyone help with this? I’ve lost 20+ hours in the past week to these issues with cubase. It’s completely updated, my computer is updated, i’ve disabled all antivirus and other running programs. I run an IT company so I’ve done my share of troubleshooting. This is definitely something going on with the mixer in cubase. Some of the projects that freeze and I cannot open include VST synths and effects and others do not so there is no consistency there.

My pc is windows 7 64 bit, 2.67Ghz processor, 9GB ram. I’m using my yamaha motif as my audio interface.

If anyone could assist it would be greatly appreciated.

I had mine do that this week. It would hang when loading one of the kick drums. I determined it was from the Elek Drums pack I bought from Steinberg just the day before. When I unistalled it, the project opened again.

These things are usually sorted by removing problem plugins. Not to say it’s not a bug, but let’s say that certain plugins cause Cb problems. Also another thing may be memory. If you’re running the 32bit version of Cb or 32bit plugins then check how much memory you’re using because it doesn’t handle the limit gracefully, and samplers/orchestras can use more than you expect.


I have the same problem here, with Cubase 6.5.4
I’m not sure at all, but i suggest problem can be with SSD disks.

Can other that have same problem confirm that you use SSD disks, and if so - what brand and size.

I use 2 SSD HD of 240GB. One for OS and one for REC.
Kingston SSDNow V200+ 240GB 2.5 is the one that have OS on. And OCZ 240 for REC disk.
I did order a new OCZ AGILITY 3 2.5" 240GB SSD SATA/600 MLC to try this - if it helps… Hope it arrive today.
But this means that ALL need to be installed again - 15-20 hours of work, huuuuhhhhh… :cry:

The only problem is, i cant be sure if it is the NEW disk that (hopefully) fixed problem, or new install of OS and Cubase…