Cubase 6 Freezing Meters


I having problem with freezing meters in C6 VTS’s. As an example the Compressor GR meeter are updated every 5 seconds and then freezes for 5 sec. Have a missed anything? Also notice that this problem only occur with Steinbergs VST’s (Gate, Compressor, Multibancompressor, VSTDynamic etc…).

I updated from C5 and a never had this problem before.

Is there a setting I should change? :open_mouth:



which operating system do you use, which sound card and buffer settings ?



Hi Chris,

I’m running a Windows 7 32-bit i3 CPU 530 2.93GHz with 4GB. I also have Endirol FA-66 soundcard with normal buffert size (tried to change it to maximum without success - problem remains). Input latency 13.605 ms and Output 19.478 ms (44.100 kHz).

I find it a little bit confusing cause the freezing problem is only related to the in-built (Steinberg) VSTs.


Have you tried checking the Preferences (File -> Preferences) for the VST meter settings?

Hello Göran,

this is during playback, or during tracking ?



Hi again Chris (and wil72810),

In december I upgraded my C5 Studio to C5. I uninstalled the Studio version after the upgrade. Then, in january, I updated to C6. This time I also uninstalled previous version after the upgrade. Maybe some files got corrupted and caused the problem.

So, I now uninstalled the C6 completely, rebooted, and installed it again.

And guess what…it works. Steingberg meters are now “back on track”.

Case closed…

PS. I only noticed the problem during playback…

yep same here , i put it down to having other programs open at the same time , rebooted ,only opened c6 and all’s well ,thought it was my first real fault with xp but its not in that case !