Cubase 6, go for it, wait?

Upgrade to cubase 6

  • Yes, do it
  • Wait 6 months
  • Wait a year
  • Do not upgrade

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After the bug disasters that I experienced with the the initial cubase 4 and 5 i have, unlike usually, not bought the upgrade immediately. Also the new features didnt impress me at all. Only osx 64bit support is interesting me.

Some of youu seem to have got cubase 6 and I would appreciate if you could let me know some of your experiences.

Is it already ripe for switching?
Should I wait?

The last versions only worked stable for me one year after release.

There is a demo so why not try before buy?


There are a two reasons.
1: i always try not to install anything unneccessary on my systems
2: I easily have time to test a plugin while working on a project anyways, but to test a whole cubase is something different. To really get To know to bugs and problems I would have to work through at least two full projects in cubase. That is when you really strt to experience and feel if there is a problem. But Thats a lot of work and considering that after 30 days i might not want to buy the upgrade at all, i will be stuck with two projects I cant work on anymore. For a thorough testing with dummy projects I just dont have the time.

So why not just ask people who already worked with cubase 6? When it was the other way round I was there for others too.

Its always good to get others to do the work for nothing.

comments like yours dont help anybody, make forums useless.

Obviously i dont try to get anybody to TEST cubase for me, but just ask those who did upgrade for any reasons about their experiences. If you want to say, that asking in a forum for experiences with a certain thing is “getting others to do the work” you probably better leave right now and never visit any forum again.

So, be an adult and stay on topic or dont say anything.

I’ve had terrible issues with past versions too and I wasn’t the only one. So much so that the traffic of threads crying for help on and other sites was huge. Comparatively, the traffic (IMHO) on this site is dead slow.
For me that’s the best indication of a much improved product. No one’s saying you won’t have problems but the days of suicidal frustration seem to be fading into the mist. :sunglasses:

I was upgrading my computer with a good music computer company so I got them to set up Cubase and all the software that concerned me - BFD 2 for instance.

I won’t say that I haven’t had a problem or two but it has been a good transition. Nearly all the problems I have had have been with 3rd party software. I would say that most of the issues here on the forum are caused by other developers not getting on the 64 bit wagon. I mean look at Waves. I have had to junk their rather feeble attempt at an amp sim, GTR because they did not get their act together.

I would say go for it. Plan carefully and don’t go mid project.

I upgraded because I got 15% off the upgrade at Musician’s Friend; there were features I wanted but didn’t necessarily need… I thought the amp sim would be handy for demoing. I must say, the upgrade was amazingly painless… I really, really expected a lot more problems. Cubase 5 was a bear to get right from 4. All I had to do this time was re-add my VST folders. Done and Done…

Thank you very much for your answers and votes!
That is very good to hear! :slight_smile:

In my experience, C6 is definitely the most stable cubase yet.
But the changes they made to the way lanes work have made it much more difficult for me to use.
For that reason, I have stayed using C553 and C6 sits in its box, awaiting the day when they fix the lanes. This may or may not affect you – the only way to find out is to try the trial. Unfortunately there was no trial available when I took the plunge in February, otherwise I could have saved my self several hundred pounds and much wasted energy.

So, yes it’s more stable, but some functionality has changes… best to download the trial and see if you can live with the changes (and the handful of bugs that crept into features that worked OK before)

Someone’ll probably flame me for this - in which case can I have a double whopper with cheese? :slight_smile:

Could you explain to me why you find the lanes more difficult?

“Search user´s posts” and you´ll find plenty of threads about it…

Yeah, but what about you?
What is it that bugs you about the lanes?
Cos I must say I am beginning to be irritated by the muting behaviour - the screen space they take up etc.

Me…? I don´t use C6

Well, seeing as you ask:

I want to compose freely in a chaotic fashion using the lanes as a “construction area” (like I could in SX3, C4 and C5). But in C6, Steiny want me to be comping perfect takes of everything I record into the lanes, no matter how unrelated. This is a major design failure! So now we have to use a workarounds and extra keystrokes just to defeat the automatic cutting and automatic muting. The new lanes are error prone, slower and more frustrating than C5. The muting/unmuting is also inconsistent with itself which means you have to be really on the ball to check something unexpected isn’t happening. So in short, they’re unusable for my “real” work where I can’t afford to be slowed down by such silliness (which is why I still use C5 for “real” work)

A good solution would be to be able to turn off this new feature set, on a per-track basis.

Apparently, 73% of users agree with me. That was February. It’s now half a year later, and nothing has been done about it, which is very disappointing cos C6 has so many other cool bits that I wish I could use!

Hello Funkydrummer,

how did you calculate 73 % ?? The amount of Cubase users is much higher then the amount of people who are visiting the forums.



Of course the user base is larger than the group taking the poll. But wouldn’t you expect that ratio (73%) to remain approximately the same? What margin of error would you recommend us to take into account before we can persuade you that the old way works better for a lot of cases? Even if the poll said 50% instead of 73%, it would still be a wide scale problem.

And where does that leave the 114 real life, actual C6 users who voted for the old way ?

114 of X (sorry I cannot give you the numbers) is an amount smaller then 0,0x % of the Cubase userbase.

Regarding the amount of registered users here at the forum: We are now above registered 10.000 users. We have more then a million customers…

Don’t get me wrong here, but the forum is just a small part, and when you look how much people are writing here regularly and participate with Polls, then the percentage is allot smaller.



How much fun would this place be if “more than a million” people took part :laughing:

What does this mean in real terms - are you going to “fix” the lanes or not? :slight_smile: