cubase 6 halion flexphrase blues organ

Hi (I did search)

New here and just seeking some help with the halion flexphrase blues organ - is seems to play a riff everytime I use it and I want to turn that off and use the sound of the organ - is there an option to do that ?

Any help would be great.

Halion Sonic SE -> look for the two notes below the steinberg logo on the top right (note: you’ll disable all FlexP’s of the plug-in instance)
Halion Sonic -> Program -> FlexP -> disable “active”
Halion 4 -> can’t help you there

HALion 4 is similar to HALion Sonic SE: click the button with the “double-crochet” symbol under the Steinberg logo.

What’s the name of the patch you’re using?

thanks guys got it working - greatly appreciated - awesome !