Cubase 6/Halion sonic

Upgrading Hypersonic 2 to Halion sonic 1.5
Activation Code to permanently activate your copy of HALion Sonic that came with Cubase 6 or Cubase Artist 6.

What about Hypersonic 2 owners…?..same 167 Euro…???How do we upgrade online…?sangeethpp

How about going to the steinberg page, “Shop” “HalionSonic”, “I want the update or upgrade” “Upgrade from Hypersonic 2 Hypersonic 1 or Halion Player”. How hard can that be…?

we don’t get that page in india…steinberg should solve this problem… :open_mouth:

Could it be because Steinberg doesn´t ship to india directly? You should maybe contact your local distributor…

But you’ve to activate it through the website…where’s that option…???

Here in Czechia I also can’t see the on-line option for upgrading from Hypersonic/HALion Player. I contacted my local distributor on January, 3 and still don’t have the update. But they said that this order would take three weeks. Although Czechia is a neighbour of Germany…


As soon as you get the upgrade DVD from your local distributor, an activation code will come with it. Then, you should activate the license through eLicenser Control Center, not though the Steinberg e-shop.


that means you’ll have to buy a boxed version of halion sonic upgrade…no use of this one comes with cubase 6… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: