Cubase 6 has stopped working

Hi all,
After a laptop crash, and re-install, and reactivation process, I am now able to boot LE6 Elements. But after a few seconds into the boot I get the following message: Cubase LE AI Elements has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Close Program.

Any ideas ? not having much luck with support, I can upload a crash dump file if that helps.

I have the latest 6.07 patch installed and elicense.
I hope someone has had this problem and solved it. Many thanks,

Update to above, the fail always occurs at start-up when initialising video player

Aloha P,

One approach would be to:

Try moving your ‘Preference Folder’ to a different
location and then re-start Cubase to see if the prob still exists.

HTH (hope this helps)

I can’t start up the program to enter the preference section, or am I misunderstanding your suggestion. I have looked in “all programs/Steinberg” but cannot find a preference folder that stands alone.
By the way, Cubase support seem awful slow in responding, is this typical ? are they likely to solve this one.

Hi all,
Many thanks for your help, problem is now solved.
For anyone who has encountered the same problem here is how I solved it:
Program files, Steinberg, Components, find Video engine.DLL and delete it.
Now opens correctly and runs well.
Now why couldn’t support have told me that.

Thanks for sharing.