Cubase 6 in Australia

Has anybody in Australia been able to purchase Cubase 6 yet???

Bought mine from Turramurra Music.

Got mine here, the price at the time was lower than other places I looked at.



Got ours from Sound Devices in Sydney (i just rang around till someone actually had stock)

but i have to say Yamaha were incredibly slow in getting appropriate upgrade stock into the retail stores…

This is always the case with Steinberg products in Australia, even when Musiklink distributed, Australia was always
amongst the very last to receive stock.

There’s no excuse and never has been…i can buy a blu-ray from and have it here within a week…

This is the kind of stuff that doesn’t help Cubase sales…‘instore’ demos are a fraction of the market and I believe are poor
marketing tools…plenty of people choose their DAW based on what other muso’s they deal with recommend.

Put your existing customers first

  • 100%

A pain in the butt each time an upgade is released, why do we have to shop around just to find the upgrade?

Very poor indeed :angry: .

I got mine at Allans music in Blackburn melbourne. I found a cheaper price and they priced match.

Bought my upgrade at Guitar Factory Parramatta.

Most priced the upgrade at AU$219.


I too have found Yamaha pretty much useless-has anybody checked out their website lately?
I actually found when it was through Musiclink it was the most easiest thing to do, send them an email and thats all you had to do! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Software links also, I’m placing my order now